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Play Up Program

This is a new idea and will be conducted as a trial.  The purpose of this program is to avoid forfeits.   We will choose players to play up on a round-robin basis and we reserve the right to refuse players in playing up and reserve the right to remove a player from this list.  Please be aware that this is a trial and we may need to make adjustments along the way to improve the program.  Here are the rules to this program:

*The athlete must be currently participating in the Lyndon Recreation Program.
*The athlete must be in their last year in the league.
*A parent must give permission for the player to participate. 
*Parents, please understand that the expectation is that this player has the skills and experience to participate in the next highest age group.
*We reserve the right to not assign a player.
*Players that are assigned to the team must play according to the league and team rules.
*We reserve the right to remove a player from the list.
*Parents must complete the "Play Up Form" to participate in this "Play Up" Program.  
*Players should wear their uniforms for their current team.
*Please note that it is possible and even likely that you will play on different teams.
*Players can not miss their current team games to play up.

*Coaches are not permitted to select players (cherry pick) they want to play.  It will be based on a round robin format with some possible exceptions such as siblings.
*Coaches must request using the Play Up Request FormA verbal or email request does not qualify for an official request.
*Coaches must request players for each expected game they will be short to enable other players to participate. 
*It is not assumed and most likely will not be able to keep the same players.  
*If the need exceeds the number of players, we will prioritize teams with less than 7.
*No more than 3 can be requested to fill the roster up to 9 players. **
*Players that are assigned to the team must play according to the league and team rules.
*Ideally, the request needs to be at least 24 hours in advance.  Anything less than 24 hours may not be able to be honored.
*Players that are assigned MUST come from the list of players that completed the Play Up Form.
*Players will be assigned to teams based on the order by which they submit the request.

SPECIAL NOTE:  No Players will be used as a pitcher when they play up.  This includes those players that has completed their "official" team season.  

TOURNAMENT:  It is permitted for teams to have "play up" players in the tournament but all parties must adhere completely to all rules.  The GM reserves the right to remove a player from a game at anytime if the "Play Up" rules are not followed.

Once the Main office receives an official request from the coach, we will send emails (with details) to the family/families that has signed up for that division in the order or date & time they submitted the form.  Responding in a timely fashion will be required so, if we don't receive a quick response, we may move to the next player in line. 

Once the family agrees to play, we will contact the head coach of the players that are expected to participate.  It is recommended that the player show up early to connect with the coach.

**The number of players to play up is based on filling the roster up to 9 players.  So, if you are expecting to have 6 players, you can choose 3 to give you 9 players.  If you are expecting 8 players you can request 1.  If you are expecting 9 players, you can not request a player.
**Obviously, there may be times when a player the coach was not expecting to be there, does show up.  In this case, play all players, including the play up players but be very diligent in staying at 9 or under.

Any questions please refer to our Help Center.  

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