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Welcome to Lyndon Recreation.  Most of you have participated in the past and just logged in and registered for another great year of playing ball.  Well, it is sort of a bitter-sweet experience where our website is new and improved but you will need to create a brand new account.  Don't worry, we do have records of your participation so we will place you on the team you played for last year unless you prefer to be put back in the draft.  Now, if you are brand new, just add an account and you are ready to register. 

NOTE:  We realize that most of you know about this little trick but if you are looking for something specific and you are on your computer, just hold down the Ctrl Button and then hit the F key.  This will show you a box to do a keyword search.


Here are some typical questions you may have:

I am registered, now what?
Now that you are registered, it will be a little bit of a waiting game.  We need to wait until early March to begin for finalize rosters.  If you played on a team last year and you haven't requested to be put back in the draft, you will play for the same team as last year so that is easy.  If you are new to the league or you asked to be put back in the draft you might have to wait until the middle of March to know what team you will be on.  Contact us if you haven't heard from a coach by the end of March (for the spring league)



1. Is the Participant new or returning?
Indicate returning if the athlete has participated at Lyndon in any previous spring, summer or fall leagues.  Indicate New if the athlete has never participated on a team at Lyndon.

2. Coach Request (Not Guaranteed)

This is something new for the spring where we will allow the athlete to request the coach in which they want to play.  Please note that this is not guaranteed.  This policy will have some restrictions such as:
-Of course the roster size will be limited to either 12 or 13 players for that team so there are limits to where we can allow any and all requests for coaches.
-Each team (that has pitching) will need pitching to be able to compete properly so pitchers will be taken first based on their registration date.
-Also, catching is very important for all teams so catching will also be considered a high priority and will be based on their registration date if they indicate they are a catcher.
-In the past, age was a a very high priority based on the principle that the older players are better.  Of course, this is very reasonable and we will also take age into consideration but by allowing players to request their coaches, the age distribution of each team will not be as balanced as years before. 
-Sometimes Coaches do not return to coach.  If you request a coach that is not coaching, you will be added to the open draft list.
So, with this said, we can not guarantee you will be placed on the team you request but we will do everything we can to honor your request.

It is important that you indicate you are a pitcher and or you are a catcher ONLY if you are a pitcher or a catcher.  

Since it is a new policy we first must have it approved by the board.

3. Previous Coach.

We have records of previous teams.  

This is where the athlete is returning to the same league and team but does not want to play for that team.  This needs to be requested during registration but can be honored after registration but before teams are formed.  When a player is put back into the draft, they can be placed on any team other than the team they are leaving.  

The goal is to have the teams all formed and rosters completed by the time we have our coaches meeting which will be about 6 weeks before opening day.   However, we will keep registration open to fill in needed roster spots.

Please note, that if we need more players we will extend the deadline)


Once the registration numbers reach the count to achieve full rosters for the, then, current list of teams, a registrant will be added to the waiting list.  We will "activate" players from the waiting list for a variety of reasons and they will be activated on a first come-first serve basis.  The only exceptions to this will be when assigning a coach or in needs of a pitcher or catcher to a roster.

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