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  1. There are no official limit the number of assistant coaches a team can have and the assistant coach is very valuable to the team.  During games, ideally when you are hitting, you should have a coach in the dugout, a coach at first base and a coach at third base.  Of course, when you are in the field, all coaches will be in our around the dugout.
  2. Each team can have one "official" assistant coach.  This is where the assistant coach is assigned to the team prior to the formation of the roster.  The main purpose of this is to discourage "stacking" of a team by recruiting assistant coaches to have their talented athletes on the roster.
  3. This assistant coach will stay with the team for the duration of the athletes time in that league.  This policy is to discourage other teams recruiting players already assigned to a team by recruiting the parent as a coach.  (There may be an exception from this policy if there is a need to add a new team and the main office initiates the assistant coach take on a new team.)
  4. The head coach/manager is not required to name an assistant coach early in the roster formation stage but it is ideal to do so as early as possible as this will assist in the formation of that roster.
  5. There will be less tolerance from the umpires with assistant coaches in regards to "disagreements".  It is preferred any and all questions with the umpires and/or main office come from the head coach.
  6. If the head coach/manager can not be at the game the "official" assistant coach will take all head coach/manager game responsibilities.
  7. It is preferred that all coaches be at least 21 years old but no one under the age of 18 will be permitted to be an assistant coach unless approved by the main office.
  8. All assistant coaches will be accountable by the rules, policies, procedures of Lyndon Recreation Association.

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