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Field Rental

We offer field rental to teams, leagues, tournaments and other but with the following considerations:
  1. Lyndon Recreation League games have first priority.
  2. Lyndon Recreation League team practices have second priority.
  3. Lyndon Recreation Sanctioned tournaments/Special Events will take third priority.
  4. Lyndon Lightning teams will take fourth priority.
  5. All other activities will be fifth priority.

With 12 fields, we have a lot of available times and therefore requests for field use so what this means is:
  1. We will "lock in" the typical schedule for Lyndon Recreation games for a particular field and league.
  2. Since we have to schedule tournaments months and months out, we will schedule tournaments with the Lyndon Games as the top consideration.
  3. At the coaches meetings we will then schedule practices for the Lyndon Rec League teams.  
  4. Once the practice schedule is set and based on the league schedule and special events, we will then open up scheduling for Lyndon Lightning Teams.
  5. Once the Lightning teams has their practice times set, we will then open up to any other requests.

  1. If we need to reschedule a Lyndon Rec Game, this will take priority over any other event and, if possible we will reschedule.
  2. Priorities does not give permission to take a practice time that has already been approved.
  3. Practices are not supervised by LRA staff so therefore you are "on your own" and in case of wet fields you make that decision.
  4. We expect you to respect the fields however and ask that you do not practice if the field are so wet it will damage the field.
  5. We will not drag, line or prepare the field for a practice as a general rule however we do hope to drag the fields frequently.
  6. Teams that damage the field or leave the field with trash may be asked to not return.
  7. Lights are not included for any practice times including a LRA Rec team.  However, if we are playing at the time and lights are on, we will turn the lights on for a practice if requested.
  8. On occasion, a team will just show up without being scheduled.  This is allowable but if you have that field scheduled, we ask that you first inform the coach of the other team and if it is not resolved, you can use another field if you can find one or contact the GM.  


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